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5 Horror Movies on Disney+ Hotstar That Will Haunt You in 2023!

A Haunting in Venice

Join Kenneth Branagh on a chilling investigation in Venice. As he unravels a psychic's mysterious death, prepare for unexpected scares and a climactic confrontation.

Monster Inside

It discusses the haunted house created by Russ McKamey, a Navy veteran. People are lured into the experience and subjected to intense psychological and physical torment.

Haunted Mansion

Join a family on a thrilling adventure through the spooky Haunted Mansion. Unravel the mansion's secrets and find your way back to the real world in this live-action and animation blend.

The Boogeyman

Witness a boy and his therapist tormented by the Boogeyman, a creature that preys on children's fears. Prepare for a terrifying test of courage and sanity in this chilling film.

No One Will Save You

Join Brynn as she confronts a malevolent alien entity in her isolated home. This sci-fi horror explores vulnerability, isolation, and the power of inner strength.

These five chilling films are waiting to be discovered on Disney+ Hotstar.