Bakingo Success Story: From 2 Lakh to 135 Crore!

Bakingo Success Story: From 2 Lakh to 135 Crore!
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Bakingo Sweet Journey to Success: From Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 135 Crore

How three college friends baked their way to a multi-crore empire and conquered India’s dessert scene.

Imagine a world where delicious cakes, decadent brownies, and mouthwatering cheesecakes are just a few clicks away. This sweet reality is brought to life by Bakingo, the brainchild of three college friends who turned their passion for baking into a thriving multi-crore business. Their journey, starting with a mere Rs. 2 lakh, is an inspiring testament to hard work, innovation, and a shared dream of bringing joy through deliciousness.

Himanshu and Shrey started Flower Aura in 2010. Suman joined a year later
Himanshu and Shrey started Flower Aura in 2010. Suman joined a year later

From Flower Aura to Bakingo: The founders story and vision behind the brand

The Bakingo story begins in 2010 with Flower Aura, a successful online flower and gifting company launched by Himanshu Chawla, Suman Patra, and Shrey Sehgal. Their entrepreneurial spirit and keen eye for opportunity led them to identify a gap in the market – the lack of a national bakery brand offering premium quality cakes with consistent taste and convenient online ordering. Thus, in 2016, Bakingo was born, ready to revolutionize the way we celebrate and indulge.

Breaking away from traditional brick-and-mortar bakeries, Bakingo embraced innovation. They adopted a cloud kitchen model, establishing a network of strategically located kitchens across major cities. This allowed them to rapidly expand their reach, offering a wider variety of cakes than any traditional bakery, while ensuring freshness and timely delivery.

Bakingo founders (from l to r) Himanshu Chawla, Suman Patra, and Shrey Sehgal studied in the same college in Delhi (Photos: Special Arrangement)
Bakingo founders (from l to r) Himanshu Chawla, Suman Patra, and Shrey Sehgal studied in the same college in Delhi (Photos: Special Arrangement)

Bakingo diverse range of treats and customization options

While cakes remain their core offering, Bakingo menu has blossomed into a veritable sweet wonderland. From delectable brownies and cupcakes to jar cakes bursting with flavor and cheesecakes that melt in your mouth, there’s something to tantalize every taste bud. They also understand the importance of personalization, offering custom cake designs and catering to special requests, making every celebration truly unique.

Bakingo diverse range of treats
Bakingo diverse range of treats

Bakingo Secret Ingredients of Success

Several key factors contributed to Bakingo meteoric rise:

  • Identifying a Need and Filling It: Bakingo recognized the demand for high-quality, consistent cakes with convenient online ordering and delivery, offering a solution that resonated with customers.
  • Obsessive Focus on Quality: Bakingo never compromises on quality, using only the freshest ingredients and maintaining the highest standards in baking and hygiene.
  • Customer Satisfaction is Key: Bakingo prioritizes excellent customer service, ensuring a seamless online experience and responsive customer support, building a loyal and satisfied customer base.
  • Innovation & Adaptability: From introducing new flavor combinations to adapting to evolving trends, Bakingo constant innovation keeps them ahead of the curve and ensures their offerings remain fresh and exciting.
  • Building a Dream Team: Himanshu, Suman, and Shrey surrounded themselves with talented individuals who share their passion and vision, creating a strong and dedicated team that drives the company’s success.

Bakingo Journey to Success: A Timeline

  • 2006: Himanshu Chawla, Suman Patra, and Shrey Sehgal become friends while studying at Netaji Subhas University of Technology.
  • 2010: The trio launches Flower Aura, an online flower and gifting company.
  • 2016: Bakingo is launched with the aim of providing premium quality cakes to customers across India.
  • 2022: Bakingo opens its first retail outlet in Delhi.
  • Today: Bakingo has over 50 cloud kitchens in 11 cities and employs over 500 people.

Bakingo ambitious plans for continued expansion and innovation

Bakingo journey is far from over. With a vision to become synonymous with delicious celebrations across India, their future plans focus on:

  • Expanding to New Sweet Spots: Bakingo is poised to expand its reach to new cities, bringing their delectable treats to an even larger audience.
  • A Smorgasbord of New Delights: They are committed to continuous innovation, constantly developing exciting new flavors and designs to keep their customers coming back for more.
  • Seamless Sweetness: Bakingo is constantly improving their online platform and delivery systems, ensuring a smooth and convenient customer experience.

Exclusive Interview with Baking CEO Himanshu Chawla

In an exclusive interview, Himanshu Chawla, the co-founder of Bakingo, shared his insights on the company’s journey and future plans.

On the inspiration behind Bakingo:

“We realized that cakes had become an indispensable part of celebrations. However, there wasn’t a single national bakery brand in India. This led us to start Bakingo with the aim of providing delicious and high-quality cakes to customers across the country.”

On the importance of website design:

“We believe that a website is often the first point of contact for customers. Therefore, we have invested in creating a user-friendly and visually appealing website that showcases our products and brand identity effectively.”

On the role of staff training:

“We believe that trained staff is crucial for maintaining our high standards of quality and customer service. We provide our team members with comprehensive training on everything from baking and decorating to delivery and customer interaction.”

On the future of Bakingo:

“We are excited about the future of Bakingo. We are continuously expanding our reach and exploring new opportunities. We are confident that we will continue to be the go-to brand for delicious and convenient cakes in India.”


Bakingo remarkable journey is an inspiring testament to the power of hard work, innovation, and a shared dream. Their story serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that even the sweetest dreams can become reality with dedication, passion, and the right recipe for success.

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