Top 5 Best Horror Movies on Netflix 2023 to Scare Your Pants Off!

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5 Best Horror Movies on Netflix 2023: Prepare to Be Scared!

Calling all horror buffs! Brace yourselves for a terrifying journey through the best horror movies on Netflix in 2023. This year, the streaming giant has conjured up a chilling selection of films guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. From spine-tingling supernatural scares to heart-stopping demonic possessions, prepare to be scared senseless by these five terrifying flicks:

1. El Conde (The Count):

Director: Pablo Larraín


    • Alfredo Castro as Augusto Pinochet
    • Jaime Vadell as Pedro
    • Catalina Guerra as Sofía
    • Gloria Münchmeyer as Lucía
    • Amparo Noguera as Adriana
    • Marcial Tagle as Tomás

Runtime: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Synopsis: A darkly comic horror film that imagines Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet as a 250-year-old vampire who, tired of his long life and the disgrace he has caused, seeks a way to finally die.

What Makes it Scary:

    • The film’s blend of horror and comedy creates a sense of unease and dark humor that viewers may find unsettling.
    • The portrayal of Pinochet as a vampire adds a supernatural element to the film, making his character even more terrifying.
    • The film’s exploration of Pinochet’s legacy and the crimes committed during his dictatorship can be emotionally disturbing.

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2. The Pope’s Exorcist:

Director: Julius Avery


    • Russell Crowe as Father Gabriele Amorth
    • Daniel Zovatto as Father Michael
    • Alex Essoe as Erin
    • Ralph Ineson as Cardinal Matthews
    • Franco Nero as Father Lucas
    • Peter Spencer as Father Lozano

Runtime: 1 hour 43 minutes


Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s chief exorcist, investigates the disturbing possession of a young boy living at an ancient Spanish abbey. As the investigation deepens, Father Amorth uncovers a hidden conspiracy and faces a powerful demonic force unlike anything he’s encountered before.

What Makes it Scary:

The film uses a combination of psychological horror, religious imagery, and jump scares to create an unsettling and terrifying atmosphere. The film also explores themes of faith, doubt, and the nature of good and evil.

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3. Insidious: The Red Door:

Director: Patrick Wilson


    • Patrick Wilson: Josh Lambert
    • Rose Byrne: Renai Lambert
    • Ty Simpkins: Dalton Lambert
    • Jocelin Donahue: Elise Rainier
    • Lin Shaye: Lorraine Lambert
    • Leigh Whannell: Specs

Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes


Josh Lambert heads east to drop his son, Dalton, off at school. However, Dalton’s college dream soon becomes a living nightmare when the repressed demons of his past suddenly return to haunt them both. As Josh and Renai desperately fight to save their son, they must confront the terrifying entity that has been lurking in their lives for far too long.

What Makes it Scary:

    • Return of the Further: The film revisits the terrifying realm known as the Further, which is even more menacing and unsettling than before.
    • Psychological Horror: The film relies heavily on psychological horror, exploring themes of fear, isolation, and the consequences of trauma.
    • Jump Scares: While the film does utilize jump scares, they are effectively used and not overdone.

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4. The Devil on Trial:

Director: Chris Holt

Cast: Carlo Adamo, Hannah Mae Beatty, David Glatzel

Runtime: 1h 21m


The Devil on Trial is a 2023 documentary film that explores the first and only time “demonic possession” has been used as a defense in a US murder trial. The film includes firsthand accounts of alleged devil possession, a shocking murder, and the legal battle that ensued.

What Makes it Scary:

The Devil on Trial is scary because it deals with the real-life possibility of demonic possession. The film’s interviews with people who claim to have been possessed are chilling, and the story of the murder that took place is truly disturbing. The film also raises important questions about the nature of evil and the role of religion in society.

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5. Bird Box: Barcelona:

Director: Álex Pastor and David Pastor


    • Mario Casas as Sebastián
    • Alejandra Howard as Anna
    • Georgina Campbell as Claire
    • Naila Schuberth as Sofia
    • Miguel Ángel Silvestre as David
    • Lola Dueñas as Carmen

Runtime: 1 hour 52 minutes


In the aftermath of a global catastrophe that drives anyone who looks upon an unknown entity to violence and death, Sebastián and his young daughter Anna must navigate their way through the desolate streets of Barcelona. Blinded by blindfolds and relying on their other senses to survive, they encounter other survivors, each with their own story of loss and resilience. As they search for refuge and a new beginning, they face not only the dangers of the unseen entity but also the growing threat of other survivors.

What Makes it Scary:

Bird Box: Barcelona amplifies the fear of the unknown. The constant threat of the unseen entity lurking just beyond their blindfolds creates a sustained sense of tension and suspense. The film also explores the psychological toll of living in a world where sight is a liability, forcing the characters to confront their own fears and vulnerabilities. Additionally, the film introduces new dangers and twists that take the story beyond the original film’s premise, keeping the audience on edge.

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Beyond the Top Five Best horror movies on Netflix:

While these five films represent the best of the best in new horror releases on Netflix, the streaming giant also offers a wide variety of other chilling options. Here are a few additional titles to keep you up at night:

  • Tin & Tina: A pair of Siamese twins with psychic abilities find themselves targeted by a malevolent force that wants to exploit their powers.
  • Home for Rent: A young couple inherits a seemingly idyllic house, unaware of the dark secrets and sinister presence that lurk within its walls.
  • Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead: A zombie apocalypse comedy follows a man who sets out to complete his bucket list before he becomes one of the undead.
  • The Strays: A woman’s seemingly perfect life is shattered when a mysterious family arrives in town, claiming to be her long-lost relatives.

With so many terrifying options to choose from, your next horror movie marathon is just a click away on Netflix. So grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare to be scared senseless!

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